Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Diet Pills for Losing Weight

Diet Pills for Losing Weight

Studies have shown the number of people who are obese or are overweight has gone up in the past 20 years. This is because the food people eat, genetics and not getting enough exercise to burn those calories after each meal.

There are many diet pills for losing weight available in the market. Some offer a long term solution while others don’t. The body is capable of adapting to changes in the body so drugs that were effective before can no longer produce the same results.

One way of determining if a person is healthy is based on the person’s age, height and weight. If the person falls above a certain range, it means the individual is overweight. For people who are classified as extremely overweight, doctors recommend a diet pill for losing weight called Meridia.

This diet pill for losing weight developed by Abbot Laboratories has proven to make people lose those extra pounds and keep it off permanently. Since it has entered the market since 1997, thousands of patients have agreed to take part in clinical trials and studies have shown that these individuals were able to lose weight and maintain it for more than 2 years.

The main ingredient in this diet pill for losing weight is Sibutramine. It works by sending a signal to an area in the brain making the person feel full after a few servings. This happens by blocking the uptake of serotonin and norephinephrine, 2 chemicals in the brain from resurging.

For the drug to work, doctor’s who prescribe this medication recommend patients to join an exercise program and to follow a low calorie diet.

Another diet pills for losing weight that is prescribed by the doctor is the Bontril Diet Pill. The main ingredient in this drug is Phendimetrazine. Its chemical composition is very similar to an amphetamine which makes it habit forming.

Bontril is often associated with severe social dysfunction or intense psychological dependence. Given the danger, a patient who decides to take this drug must participate in an exercise program and have some dietary changes.

A person who stops the medication instantly will experience withdrawal symptoms. This can be avoided by having the doctor gradually decrease the intake the person receives.

Another diet pills for losing weight that can be used to help patients is Didrex. This is designed to suppress one’s appetite as a result making the person lose weight. It has proven to work well for people who combine it with behavior therapy, a change in diet and exercise.

The downside of this medication is that it is only good for a short period of time since the body will resist it making the diet pills for losing weight no longer effective.

The main chemical ingredient in this drug is Benzphetamine. This is very similar to an amphetamine. It works by increasing the person’s blood pressure and heart rate as a result decreasing one’s appetite.

Not all diet pills for losing weight used on one patient can be used on another. The first thing that a doctor needs to do is to conduct a physical exam which includes knowing the medical history of the person. Should the person suffer from sicknesses such as glaucoma, arteriosclerosis, heart disease or high blood pressure and has a history of drug or alcohol use, the doctor cannot recommend this drug.

Diet pills for losing weight are just one of the things needed to help someone lose weight. To maintain it, doctors still recommend combining it a change in diet and enrolling in an exercise program.