Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Buy Weight Loss Pills

Buy Weight Loss Pills

It’s quite easy to overindulge on our favorite foods and it’s quite easier still to rationalize this for one-time fun. That is why the multi-billion weight loss industry has developed several weight loss diet pills that claim weight loss without diet or exercise.

The magic of the Weight Loss Pills

This claim sounds too good to be true but it actually is true. These diet pills are designed as appetite suppressants, which actually takes the effort of dieting away from the individual and because of the low calorie intake, the person on a diet pill will lose mass or weight rapidly for a while even without exercise.

What you actually lose with Weight Loss Pills

What the diet pill manufacturers don’t tell you through their marketing or on their packaging is that weight loss doesn’t equate to fat loss. When on a diet pill, what you actually lose is muscle tissue rather than fat and that is not a good thing at all.

For health reasons and sustained slimness, muscle is needed because it dictates the rate of one’s metabolism and the metabolic rate of an individual decreases in proportion to the decrease in muscle tissue. If you haven’t figured it out yet, slow metabolic rate is equal to rapid weight gain.

From bad to worse with Weight Loss Pills

Unfortunately, the bad news doesn’t end there. Not only does taking diet pills for weight loss promote a decrease in metabolic rate because of loss of muscle tissue, it also is quite a health hazard and may just cause you your life.


Weight loss diet pills are not required to go through FDA approval and can be bought over the counter and taken without any medical supervision. The danger here is that not only is there a possibility that these pills contain substances that may have a severe adverse effect on health, the unsupervised use of the pill may result in an over dose.

Individuals who suffer from weight problems may become desperate enough to believe in the miracle of the weight loss diet pill and may take more than the recommended dosages in the hopes of speeding up the weight loss further but doing so will only actually speed up ones life.

The FDA actually recalled fat burning diet pills from the market a while back because it’s main ingredient, ephedra caused the demise of a prominent athlete at that time. Clearly, weight loss diet pills are totally unsafe and must not be taken.

The prize

If you are presently taking weight loss diet pills and you feel that perhaps it’s quite safe, think again. Tightness in the chest, palpitations, a dry mouth and dizziness are just some of the effects you probably are feeling and these are not normal symptoms that should be taken lightly.

Remember that these symptoms of discomfort is not the prize you pay for losing weight, you may actually be paying with your life.

Weight Loss Pills The real thing

Still after all the weight loss products and treatments from pills to surgery, the sure way to actually lose the fat and keep it away is through a sensible diet, behavior modification from the right mindset and a doable exercise plan. This is the only way to get fit enough to fight fat. This actually may not take too much of an effort as you may think. Just keep away from processed foods and don’t eat when you don’t need to and integrate cardio vascular activity in your day to be able to boost your metabolic rate and increase muscle.